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We believe in youth empowerment and community development, Since 2014, MIHI (MY-HIGH) Egypt has helped more than 500 youths engage in a diverse range of development projects. These project themes are covered through general training workshops and conferences. They include but are not limited to: art and culture, entrepreneurship, intercultural communication, heritage protection, volunteering, environmental protection, equal opportunities, anti-racism, healthy lifestyles, human rights, youth initiatives, youth exchanges, youth employment, youth sports, youth migration, social media, social work, and youth leadership.

Our Mission

Is to elevate young people with life-changing opportunities and provide them with unique skills for social innovation.

Our Vision

Is to create a positive impact on communities and encourage youths to take steps on the stairs to infinite success.

Join Us

We offer fully-funded workshops and projects throughout Europe, around the Middle East, and in North Africa! Join our movement!

Since 2012, MIHI Egypt has been part of different youth program seminars, training courses for youth workers, local university and school programs, community engagement workshops, and environmental-awareness activities. In 2014, MIHI organized the biggest global civic movement, known as ”Let’s Do It World (LDIW)” in Alexandria, Egypt. This movement mobilizes people to participate in local clean-up events. As a key representative and facilitator of LDIW events in Egypt, MI-HI was further inspired to participate in projects toward achieving the SDGs.


We laugh till our stomachs hurt and our hearts sing. We create memories that last a lifetime, we build friendships that cross borders.

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Make It Happen Infinity provides the tools for youths to overcome limitations and fears. We aim to create an atmosphere in our community that encourages young people to believe in their abilities. We help youths leverage the power of their thoughts and the energy of their motivations to make their dreams a reality.